Tiens: From China to the World

On 27 Dec afternoon, I was picked up by a special car at Beijing airport and brought to Tianjin, the HQ of Tienshi. I was accompanied by Helmy Attamimi, advisor of Tianshi Indonesia to meet Mr Li, the Founder and Chairman. With its presence in almost 50 countries in the world, Tienshi is no 1 NM/Network Marketing based Healthcare Company in China.

During the dinner, Mr Li explained to me about his vision, mission and values. “I dont want to beat anybody. But i want to be big in order to help more people in the world. Customer and also distributors” he said.

That’s why he’s currently thinking to build the second factory in Tianjin and also the other factory in Beijing. In Tianjin, he plans to build a hotel, so that many Tienshi can have own accommodation for distributors from all over the world to get training.

A Great Man with great vision, Mr Li already met Philip Kotler and his brother Milton Kotler in Beijing several times. Kotler Marketing Group(KMG) itself has a big operation in China with 20 fulltime staffs in Shen Zhen and Beijing. MarkPlus&Co is in the discussion to collaborate with KMG in several areas.

sumber: http://hermawan.typepad.com/blog/2005/12/tiens_from_chin.html


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